When Ana's mother passes away, she enlists the help of her estranged childhood best friend Nate to fulfill her mother's last wish: bury her corpse in the woods.

But while Ana is determined to get the task over and done with, Nate isn't so keen to let the past go. Over the course of their trek through the forest, Ana is forced to confront the complicated feelings she's been running from and decide just how far forgiveness really goes.

starring Janine Fitzpatrick, George William Lambert, and Susan Ko
a Bon Chat Production | written and directed by Sonya Chwyl & Anik Desmarais-Spencer
cinematography by Guochen Wang | edited by Sonya Chwyl
sound by Gilles Maillet | music by Brian Anderson
featuring songs by Marlaena Moore and Standard Issue Pleasure Model

Bon Chat Films